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Having teams of technically proficient, bright and motivated people is what all organisations look for. You can mentor, advise and provide helpful suggestions to improve capability, but how can you develop their inner resilience and the emotional maturity that allows them to really excel? 

Tackling personal growth in the workplace can be a challenge, particularly when you can see real potential but notice that they struggle when times get tough. It could be due to a lack of confidence or self-belief, or perhaps they need some tools or strategies that enable them to thrive in the challenging or fast paced environment they work in.

Regardless of their level or status within the organisation, when people feel stressed and under pressure it reduces the quality of their work, stifles creativity and limits the impact they are having on the business. Not to mention the effect it has on their health and wellbeing.

We provide simple and cost effective solutions including online workshops and in person events, that bring out the best in your people to create resilient, motivated, forward thinking, positive and happy teams.

Bespoke resilience and wellbeing workshops online or in person

We understand that, as much as you care about the wellbeing and development of your people, finding suitable and effective trainings can be a task in itself.

Our wellbeing and resilience workshops get to the heart of the issue in order to have maximum impact on many people in a single day. As such, they are Ideal as an introduction to resilience, as well as whole company initiatives.

During the day we generally cover essential topics such as:

  • Where resilience comes from and how you can develop it, even if you secretly experience stress, anxiety, or issues with self esteem.
  • The impact of emotional intelligence and how self awareness boosts performance, making you more effective at work and taking you to the next level in your career.
  • ​How to overcome imposter syndrome and value your own contribution, increasing confidence in speaking out.
  • ​How every individual has the power to build a healthy, productive and positive working environment.
  • ​​The common pitfalls that affect performance and how to avoid these career restricting mistakes.
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Transformative live online workshop experiences

You can add value without the hassle with our new Wellbeing and Development workshop bundle. All sessions are live, interactive and delivered online exclusively for your organisation. For more details click here.

Past Wellbeing Away Day's

We were approached to deliver a well-being away day for 85 members of staff at a national retailer ahead of their peak trading period, as they wanted to support the mental health and well-being of their business teams during this busy time.

In the first part of the session, we explored a deeper understanding of human experience and innate well-being, as well as understanding how they can build resilience and mental strength, and be more equipped to handle the day to day challenges ahead.

In the second part of the session, they worked as teams to identify new ways of working that was in alignment with their new understanding, whilst also promoting a successful and healthy working ethos. Here are some of the responses:
“The timing of the wellbeing session ahead of the peak trading period and just before COVID hit unexpectedly, gave people the skills to manage the crisis. Under very difficult conditions we had no absences, and a group of people supporting each other like never before.”
Supply Chain and Logistics Director

“It really shifted my thinking in a short space of time, I wish my wife could have experienced this session too.”
Head of department

“I was so impressed with the way Michelle used her own stories to bring it to life. What could be seen as a complex subject was brought to life in a simple and understandable way.”
Office manager

“I have been suffering from mental health problems for many years. I now realise I am ok, I just didn’t understand the way it all works before.”
Technical specialist

“An incredible start, I’m glad that the company I’ve joined is doing this. I hope Michelle comes back so I can learn more.”
Supply Chain Analyst and New Starter

“I have never been able to meditate until this session. I have never felt like this before.”
Head of department

“The way we set up the session, following the results of our wellbeing survey, allowed us to tailor the event to the outcomes of the survey. With Michelle partnering with us, it meant we were able to deliver a combined message in a seamless way, making it even more powerful.”
Wellbeing Group Member
And the impact of the session, alongside strong people centred leadership of the department, was noticed by other business teams, the comments such as: 
“What did you do in your off-site session? Your team is so much more confident lately and they all seem so happy.”

“It is wonderful to see a function taking the lead in wellbeing.”
People Director

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