Who Are The Elite Partnership?

The Elite Partnership works with private clients and organisations to transform their ways of working, increasing performance, effectiveness and enjoyment whilst eliminating the stress and pressure that is so damaging to our mental, emotional and physical health.

Headed up by Michelle Chapman, The Elite Partnership's aim is to impact as many people as possible, doing our bit to create a positive shift in the world by addressing systemic, habitual and cultural myths around success, that are being perpetuated in this modern world.

Inside all of us lies wisdom, intelligence and intuition that can be tapped into, allowing our natural innate strength and resilience to flourish.

It is only old conditioned thought patterns that prevent each and every one of us from clarity, deep confidence and peace of mind. When our clients see this for themselves, their transformative potential is limitless.

Why Elite?

The Elite Partnership was named to aspire to and celebrate being at the top of our game, just like an elite athlete. It isn't about being competitive or arrogant, it's about removing our personal barriers so we can all collaborate and contribute using our best attributes.

By being more in tune with a deeper part of ourselves, we get to see for ourselves how to get out of our own way to bring our best qualities forward. And, just like an elite Athlete knows, rest, renewal and looking after ourselves is critical to our long term performance.

Our Philosophy

We spend a lot of time noticing and listening to what we think. We take our thoughts so seriously and use our thinking to filter and make sense of the world around us, yet it rarely occurs to us to check the clarity of the filter itself.

When unhappy with a life situation we often develop strategies to cope and make us feel better about it, like that glass of wine to help us relax in the evening, comfort food, a spending spree, weekend away or night out with friends. 

And if that doesn't work, we look to make changes, like restructuring a business, changing jobs, leaving a relationship, moving house etc. 

It's not that we shouldn't make changes, but healthy decisions come from clarity of mind, and so often our perceptions are clouded because the more we think about things the more confused we seem to get.

Why is it that so many people have great ideas when they are in the shower? Or when out for a walk or a run? It's because it is easier to see clearly when the dust settles.

Resilience, mental strength and clarity of mind are natural states that are available to all of us. We can show you how to naturally fall into these states, how to know where to look and how to avoid the traps.

Some of Our Clients Past and Present
Michelle Chapman is a regular Trainer on The Warrior Programme, providing training programmes for past and present members of the armed forces and their families, enabling them to manage emotions and develop the resilience, focus and motivation to succeed in today’s world.

Michelle Chapman
Transformative Coach, Trainer and Director at 
Elite Partnership Ltd

Michelle is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a Master Hypnotist and Instructor of Hypnosis, a Trainer of Time Line TherapyTM, a Certified Coach Trainer, a qualified Medical Intuitive and a Transformative Coach with a BA in Business and a few other weird things she tends to not put on a CV.

She had a successful early career in marketing before being drawn to the world of mental, emotional and spiritual growth, initially opening a training company as the first English speaking NLP Trainer in Hong Kong in 2007.

Michelle now trains and coaches for numerous corporate and private clients, as well as being Trainer and heading up the coaching team on The Warrior Programme, a veterans mental health charity where she has now trained over 1000 veterans, serving personnel and family members.

Michelle lives in rural Essex with her husband, children, dogs and cat and when not coaching or training is most often found on her vegetable patch covered in mud.
North Essex Location
We are blessed to be based at Upper Barns, a 16th Century barn conversion in a stunning rural location in on the Essex/Cambridgshire/Suffolk border.

Whilst group and corporate trainings are generally held close to the clients place of work, coaching sessions and executive retreats generally take place at Upper Barns.

Virtual coaching and events using Zoom or other platforms are also becoming increasingly popular through their convenience and effectiveness.

Our contact details are as follows - please note all sessions are by prior appointment only.

The Elite Partnership Ltd
Upper Barns, Hedingham Rd

Tel. 01371 850800


Elite Partnership Ltd

Approved Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Approved Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Programming-Coaching

Michelle Chapman

Certified Coach Trainer

Certified NLP Trainer

Elite Partnership Ltd

ABH Approved School of Hypnosis

Michelle Chapman

Instructor of Hypnotherapy

Michelle Chapman

Master Time Line TherapyTM Trainer

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