Want to create teams of motivated, resilient and happy people?

They say it takes a village to raise a child, with many hands and multiple influences needed to provide a secure, nurturing and healthy environment for them to flourish and grow. But in reality, this doesn't end in childhood.

We are finding ourselves in a mental wellbeing crisis and it's essential that we start to acknowledge the importance of growth as a lifelong practice, and that our mental and emotional development is critical throughout every stage of adulthood.

The Academy

At The Elite Academy of Development and Wellbeing, we provide an impactful and accessible online environment for professional men and women to immerse themselves in a range of developmental programmes on resilience, mental strength and emotional wellbeing.

The ethos of the academy is to provide a genuine, honest, welcoming and supportive place for people to come to expand their mindset, be more effective in their jobs and fall in love with their lives again.

I find that most organisations really care about their people, but find it hard to know what to do to actually make a difference to them. 

Thankfully, we can do that part for you. 

Transformational Online Programmes

When you provide your people with access to the academy, you are giving them the opportunity to get instantly involved in numerous high quality, transformative training programmes in resilience, mental strength and wellbeing, so they can increase their ability to work at their best without stress and strain.

Courses, video's, meditations and much more is available to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Colleagues can do as much or as little as they have time for each week.

Regular Interactive Workshops

The Academy is all about community, so we schedule regular live and interactive workshops, with each workshop taking a unique focus but with common threads that run through them.

We encourage participation while respecting that some people feel more comfortable watching and taking it all in.

All workshops are recorded and accessible as a replay within the academy.

Community Groups

Discussions and community groups will enable people to ask questions, challenge concepts and ideas, seek out alternative perspectives, deepen their understanding and get support on real issues.

Is it really going to be Hassle-free?

Yes! Employee wellbeing should never be a tick box exercise, yet it frequently becomes exactly that because it’s such a huge undertaking for already overstretched senior management teams. 

The academy provides a solution that is not only easy to implement, but really hits the mark. We care about your people and we get regular feedback from delegates about how they are thinking differently as a result of our programmes and workshops.

Transformative and Inspired Growth

We take key themes from our most popular programmes to create a relevant, honest and transformative experience based on the topics have been most impactful to our clients.
Everything we do is designed to stimulate positive change and growth by being open and reflective around important subjects. We also encourage engagement within the academy by exploring the implications for your industry, your business and your people. 

Convenient and Accessible

Your people are busy and the last thing they want is more to do.

That's why we make the academy available via their desktop through the website, or as an app on their phone.

This allows them to take courses on long journeys or experience a meditation to quiet their mind on train. Whatever works for them. 

Examples of Live Workshop Themes

All workshops will be delivered by our lead trainer, Michelle Chapman, who has been delivering personal development trainings and workshops for corporate, military and public audiences for over 18 years. 

Themes are selected based on experience and feedback on the main challenges organisations and their people are facing.

Resilience Through Awareness

The biggest challenge with personal growth is when we try to change things about ourselves that we don’t fully understand. By shifting our attention to noticing, rather than changing, we get to deeply know and understand ourselves, allowing growth to naturally follow.

Personal Empowerment

Empowerment is key to creating a mindset for success and this workshop will explore its role in the workplace. In addition to understanding how this can be utilised by broadening your sphere of influence, it’s important to consider the associated pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Mental Clarity

The human state naturally fluctuates and it isn’t unusual to feel completely ‘in the zone’ one day and then far from it the next, but can we tip the odds increasingly in our favour? This workshop explains the principles behind clarity of mind, so that we can more easily nurture those flow states and enjoy increased personal performance.

Harnessing Your Inner Dialogue

How conscious are you of your inner dialogue and do you understand the impact it has on your performance, as well as emotional wellbeing? This workshop focuses on mind talk, including the glass ceilings, imposter syndrome, negativity, overthinking and how to get a handle on it.

Why Emotional Intelligence isn’t as ‘soft’ as you may think

When it comes to doing business, people skills really matter. It matters when developing professional relationships as well as confidently undertaking new challenges that place you firmly outside of your comfort zone. Developing 'EQ' is no longer a nice to have, and will be the thing that allows for your continued success without paying the price your your wellbeing.

Taking a synergistic approach

Teams are made up of individuals with differing views, personalities and ways of seeing the world which lead to natural conflict, however high performing teams don’t just learn to tolerate those differences, but truly value them.

Cultivating Inner Harmony

Sometimes it really feels like we are getting in our own way. It is as though there is a part of us that’s working against ourselves and it really needs to get on board! Get a whistle-stop tour of the levels of your mind so that you can understand your emotions, and see how self-compassion is the route to harmony and happiness.

Does spirituality have a place in leadership growth?

Religion is said to be one of the topics you shouldn't discuss at a dinner party, but does spirituality have a place in leadership growth? Explore what spiritual principles can bring to our resilience, wellbeing and our sense of purpose.

Michelle Chapman

Transformational Coach, Trainer and Director at Elite Partnership Ltd
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