Living and Leading with 
Freedom of Spirit
1:1 Executive Growth Retreat
Authentic Leadership means being true to yourself.

But do you really know who you are?
Delivering from Aliveness

When we feel truly free and alive inside, it translates to a magnetically engaging air of confidence on the outside. One that speaks of truth and authenticity, coming from a deep sense of knowing, and a profound acceptance of who you really are.

When you shift your attention away from what you intellectually know and sit in the stillness of your experience, you can embrace the feeling of finally getting to know and understand you.

This one to one retreat provides the space and guidance to explore the principles behind all human experience. This deep understanding has the power to transform the way you work, the way you lead and inspire others, your love of life and your connection to yourself.

Leading and Inspiring from Heart and Spirit 

If you want to grow as a person and as a leader, it can feel like there's a lot to do. When it seems like a strenuous and enduring uphill battle, it often keeps us in our head and returns us back to the lower levels of consciousness. Sometimes the more we try to find ourselves, the further from ourself we feel.

In this ever more complex landscape, there is a key ingredient; a simplicity that is often missed, but once realised will prevent you from spending years looking in the wrong place.

People talk about being resilient, being present and ‘in the moment’ most often without a deep sense of having embodied the experience, or appreciating what it can truly mean for your career, your future and your life.

This three day leadership retreats focuses solely on this ingredient and how to bring yourself fully  to everything you do, with observable and life changing results

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, 
but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust
Practical Implications from the Profound

Inner strength in any situation

It’s time to bring down the walls, remove the façade and let go of illusion and pretence as a deep acceptance of self allows you to show up and be seen as you are, with unshakable confidence. High level meetings, speeches and presentations with no prep time will be met with strength, openness and clarity of mind.

Raising consciousness 

By shifting your focus away from what you think you know, into the source of limitless potential, you will see truth unfolding. As you transcend old ideologies, ones that may well have got you to where you are but most likely will not get your any further, you will know how lead and inspire others from completely new level of understanding.

Presence in this moment

The only time that truly exists is now and while we know this, we often find ourselves mentally reliving past experiences, questioning yesterdays' decisions or anxiously anticipating the future. We have often become so accustomed to the ‘concept’ of time, and we don’t even see when we aren’t being present to it. Through greater awareness of our fluctuating states, we become fully alive in the moment and able to spend more time in our natural flow state for greater ease,  effortlessness and meaningful productivity.

Awareness of mind

All life has an energy, a lifeforce that flows through us from our moment of creation until we take our last breath, yet we can become so caught up in the circumstances and challenges we face every day at work and at home that we forget to truly live. Learn to transcend stress, worries and anxieties to make decisions with clarity, embracing the feeling of aliveness (even in the mundane) and bringing yourself to each day with fresh eyes.

Awareness of self

The majority of the mental hurdles we want to overcome only exist because of the relationship we have with thought itself; as though our thoughts are, or represent who we are. With 'I think therefore I am,'  Descartes described our existence relating to our awareness of ourselves, yet if we think our thoughts are who we are, we tend to become deeply affected by the tough times, by our failures, our low points and bouts of insecure thought. With awareness of how we experience thought itself, we get to experience ourselves as so much more than that, meaning these struggles become mere ripples in a larger ocean of life.

Working with Michelle has helped me feel in flow

"I started working with Michelle in June 2018 at a point where I was significantly expanding responsibilities at work. During a private retreat with Michelle, I started the journey of understanding the power of thought and how it shows up (& hindered me) in my work and interactions.
Michelle’s approach is transformative. Her ability to listen, empathise and empower me to see things within myself has been hugely impactful not just at work but in my personal life as well. In the last 5 years, I have been able to exploit my career potential. I can say without a doubt, Michelle’s coaching has contributed significantly and positively to my performance at work which has led to growth and promotions. What’s more valuable for me is that it feels effortless most of the time and I feel like I am thriving. On the days that it doesn’t, I have developed (through Michelle’s coaching) the right patterns that support reflection.
Working with Michelle has helped me feel in flow, avoid over-thinking that took away from my enjoyment of work/life experiences, helped me connect with and understand my thoughts in a way I never thought possible. I value Michelle’s coaching so much in both my professional and personal life.'
                                                                      - Retreat Client, Financial Services, London
How The Retreat Works

The Preparation

We want you to get the most out of your time with us, as this is not your average executive retreat, so please work with us to tailor this to you as much as is helpful.
  • We’ll start with a zoom call to get to know each other and understand your greatest opportunities that will make the biggest difference to your career and life overall.
  • You will then have access to the Elite Academy of Development and Wellbeing resource library so you can begin exploring as soon as you wish.
  • You will be given suggested areas to focus on that will be most useful to you, based on our initial discussion.

The Retreat at Upper Barns

Make your way to Upper Barns, our private executive retreat centre in North Essex, where your self contained suite awaits.  
  • Arrive at Upper Barns on Tuesday evening and check to 'The Retreat' with en-suite bedroom, kingsize bed, own lounge and personal kitchen with stocked fridge for a restful evening, pressing pause on your busy schedule.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, three separate coaching sessions are held with Michelle in the 'Great Hall', with a final session on Friday morning.
  • In between sessions, you have time to reflect, read, rest, renew, recharge and regenerate.
  • You will have access to recordings, meditations, and there are plenty of country walks to go on to get fresh air and empty your mind.
  • We strenuously recommend you do NOT bring work with you, because your whole career will benefit from having you take a step back. We advise that you set these boundaries well in advance.
  • Head home at your leisure after Friday’s morning session to enjoy your weekend.
  •   2024 RETREAT DATES
  •   Tue 9th – Fri 12th July
  •   Tue 17th – Fri 20th Sep
  •   Tue 8th – Fri 11th Oct
  •   Tue 19th – Fri 22nd Nov
  •   Tue 3rd – Fri 6th Dec

The Continuation

Integration and application is fundamental, ensuring your experience doesn't end when the retreat does. 

We will get together for four coaching sessions by zoom to:
  • Explore what has changed since the retreat, and what you see differently.
  • What further implications this may have: Can you apply this to areas you are not currently noticing? What blind spots can we bring to light?
  • What challenges this is posing for you and what will help you to move beyond this.
  • How we can deepen this understanding in the weeks that follow.
2024 Retreat Dates

Tue 16th – Fri 19th April

Tue 30th Apr – Fri 3rd May

Tue 11th – Fri 14th June

Mon 8th – Thu 11th July

Tue 17th – Fri 20th Sep

Tue 8th – Fri 11th Oct

Tue 12th – Fri 15th Nov

Tue 3rd – Fri 6th Dec
Your Retreat Coach
Michelle Chapman
Transformative Coach, Trainer and Director at 
Elite Partnership Ltd

Michelle is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, a Master Hypnotist and Instructor of Hypnosis, a Trainer of Time Line TherapyTM, a Certified Coach Trainer, a qualified Medical Intuitive and a Transformative Coach with a BA in Business and a few other weird things she tends to not put on a CV.

She had a successful early career in marketing before being drawn to the world of mental, emotional and spiritual growth, initially opening a training company as the first English speaking NLP Trainer in Hong Kong in 2007.

Michelle now trains and coaches for numerous corporate and private clients, as well as being Trainer and heading up the coaching team on The Warrior Programme, a veterans mental health charity where she has now trained over 1000 veterans, serving personnel and family members.

Michelle lives in rural Essex with her husband, children, dogs and cat and when not coaching or training is most often found on her vegetable patch covered in mud.


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Tailored Agenda

A 1:1 retreat allows you to be the focus, with every aspects geared to your needs and your personal outcomes.

Private Space

You will stay in your own private suite with lounge, kitchen and king sized bedroom with en-suits shower room.

Rural Retreat

Bring your boots if you want to get out and enjoy some of the local walks across the fields or in woodlands while here.

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