Employee Resilience and Wellbeing: 
The essential vaccination against poor performance and a damaging stress culture.
Is Your Organisation Maximising Potential?
Having teams of technically proficient and bright people is what all organisations look for, but what if you know they are capable of so much more?  What if they need to develop their emotional resilience and maturity to really excel? 

Tackling personal growth in the workplace can be tricky, particularly when you can see real potential but notice that they struggle when times get tough. It could be due to a lack of confidence or self-belief, or perhaps they need some tools or strategies that enable them to thrive in the challenging or fast paced environment they work in.

Regardless of their level or status within the organisation, when people feel stressed and under pressure it limits the quality of their work and the impact they are having on the business. Not to mention the effect on their health and wellbeing.

The question is, how can you develop these individuals into resilient, motivated, forward thinking, positive and happy team members?
Resilience is not a skill that can be taught, but a natural quality 
that must be cultivated.
The Power of Resilience Training in Your Organisation
The first step when we embark on any new project is to understand your challenges and what you are looking to achieve.  Working in partnership with all project sponsors and stakeholders, we identify the criteria for success. This is based on your objectives and the impact you want this to have on your business and some common benefits of the programme are listed below: 
Performance and Efficiency
  •  Increased personal performance where delegates learn how to work at their best, with more action and less over-thinking.
  •   An in depth understanding their own emotional trigger points, which leads to greater psychological freedom, personal responsibility and effectiveness.
  •  A greater ability to handle challenges and remain calm, focused and responsive in high pressure situations.
Creativity and Problem Solving
  • ​A greater ability to be innovative and progressive, considering new ways of working now and into the future.
  • ​An open-minded and curious approach to problem solving and idea generation
  • ​A greater ability to explore solutions outside of what is obvious and willing to share ideas.
  • ​Being able to think more broadly, bringing fresh thinking and insights to their work.
Team Working and Collaboration
  • ​A willingness to express their perspective whilst exploring and being open to alternate points of view, allowing the organisation to benefit from diverse ways of working.
  • ​An increased confidence in their ability to synergise, contributing to the growth of the business without fear of judgment or disapproval.
  • ​A healthy, collaborative approach to team work, whilst being less concerned about conflict.
Leadership and Presence
  • ​Being clear on their position and leading with authenticity.
  • ​Building personal presence and speaking out with confidence.
  • ​Leading from a strong foundation of inner resilience and personal awareness.
Effective People Management
  • ​Having a deep appreciation and curiosity about how people differ and the flexibility to motivate and manage accordingly.
  • ​Having an authentic and people led management style.
Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • ​An increased willingness to step outside of familiarity and comfort zones to progress personally and professionally.
  • ​Feeling free and able to contribute, express their point of view and take feedback for growth with a positive attitude.
  • ​An increased ability to adapt to evolving professional climates and working environments.
  • ​Seeing change, including organisational change and business development, as a positive.
3 Day Resilience Intensive

This is a transformative and thorough group development training that is the product of many years dedicated to the field of human potential.

Each programme we deliver is subtly unique as we focus on meeting the specific needs of the organisation. Everything we do is aimed at boosting personal performance and resilience whilst serving as a catalyst for cultural growth in your business.

Part of our recipe for success is the combination of a transformational group training programme with dedicated 1-2-1 coaching with each delegate. This is a powerful mix that ensures each delegate values their place on the programme and is keen to benefit personally as well as professionally. Typically, a Resilience Intensive would follow the sequence below:

  • Orientation: 121 interviews are held with delegate to ensure buy-in, build engagement and coach them around their personal goals and objectives.
  •  Two Day Group Training: Delegates are guided through a carefully constructed programme covering three key stages; Understanding, Insight and Implications.
  • Application:  At the end of the two day training delegates return to work, applying their learnings. An interim coaching session is scheduled to give them an opportunity to discuss and overcome any challenges.
  •  One Day Group Training: The group reconvene to share and review their progress. This is also an opportunity to build on what they have learned, expand their understanding and further their growth.
  •  121 Coaching Sessions : Further coaching sessions are scheduled to deepen their grounding and encourage further progress.
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