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Finding Strength, Resilience and Clarity
One of the biggest frustrations in the workplace is having high potential people who just seem to miss the mark somehow. 

Ineffective communication skills, defensiveness or abrasiveness, low self-esteem and low or false confidence can create an unfortunate ceiling on capabilities.

We have all built our careers with unconscious strategies that effectively got us to where we are. We learned what is important for our success, how to get things done, even what to get upset by. 

And often people reach a point where their unconsciously learned responses actually become a hinderance.

Even your high performers need to develop their mindset as they move up in their career, otherwise they will begin to struggle. It's like attempting to navigate new territories with out of date maps. 

So as employers or managers, how do you help your people achieve this? 

<It's more simple than you might imagine. Growth comes naturally when we achieve clarity of mind. Old, out of date and ineffective thinking falls away when the truth is seen, leaving a quiet, clear and deeply resilient way of being.>
Successful at what cost? Don’t allow work or stress to rule your life

Demanding, fast paced and full on careers can quickly lead to busy, overwhelmed minds, even when we are not at work.

When we have a lot on our minds, with evenings and weekends spent thinking about what needs to be actioned tomorrow at work, the whole situation can really take its toll.

It can distract us from the present moment, preventing us from enjoying the simple things in life and even putting a strain on our home life.

How often are you not able to relax and connect with loved ones because you had a lot on your mind? Do you ever catch yourself not listening to your partner because you were thinking about work again? These are, of course, symptoms of a busy, distracted and stressed out mind.

Have you shouted or snapped at someone only to later regret it? Or perhaps disengaged or dissociated because it all got a bit much? 

If so, you aren't alone. Countless arguments between married couples happen because one of them or both of them overreacted from a place of stress.

It's a shame that in our desperate bid to do well at life, we can forget to stop and actually enjoy it!

We forget to fully engage in our own lives.

Authentic Success: Being more you at work and home.

Mental overwhelm and stress might be causing you to approach professional situations or even personal issues from a place of frustration, anger or defensiveness. 

The problem with these behaviours is that they reduce your effectiveness as well as your credibility. It can start to close doors professionally and and can destroy personal relationships too.

When you begin to understand where these feelings of stress and frustration are coming from, you become more in tune with yourself. You’ll feel you are more able to express yourself with a deep confidence and authenticity.

In turn, this improves your natural influencing abilities whilst freeing your energy for better things - trying to 'present' yourself in a particular way is so exhausting!

Developing Confidence
Raising Emotional and Personal Awareness
Leadership Growth

London and North-Essex based 
professional coaching services for:
•  Increased personal resilience

•  Stress resolution

•  Handling fast-paced or high pressure environments

•  Building confidence and security

• Dissolving professional anxiety

• Finding peace of mind 

• Creating and maintaining work-life balance

• Overcoming issues of anger, frustration and fear.

• Emotional outbursts

• Finding clarity in times of confusion
  • Professional coaching service
  • Confidential and supportive
  • Options: Phone, Skype and face to face service
  •  121 Multi-session intensives
  •  Half and full day coaching intensives
  •  Residential immersion programmes
  •  Retreats for Professionals: Click here for more informartion on our professional retreats.

Michelle Chapman - Resilience and Performance Coach

Michelle Chapman works with professional men and women, supporting them in a process of eliminating stress, achieving clarity of mind and transforming their every-day experiences at work and at home.

Michelle's transformative coaching style creates the time and space for reflection and essential regeneration, equipping her clients for the demands of a busy, fast paced professional lifestyle (if that is what they want!)

Working together in a supportive and insightful process, Michelle shows her clients how to lay a solid foundation of resilience and how to create success through freedom and fun rather than stress and pressure.

Michelle looks for clients who want to go on a journey of understanding, achievement and growth and are ready to become more of them self.

"Fantastic 1-2-1 session with Michelle. Today has been 
positively mind-expanding!!"
Katie, Saffron Walden
Coaching and Immersion Programmes
1-2-1 Immersion Programme
Two day immersion with three months coaching

A fully immersive 1-2-1 experience that begins with exploring the source of stress and pressure through the principles of human experience and, more specifically, how to free yourself from those external pressures.

Through deeper insight, you will be able to uncover and transition your own thinking, finding a clarity that will generate personal resolutions to current problems and any that arise in the future.

The programme includes a pre-exploratory session, two day immersion session with overnight stay at our 16th Century Barn and six x 60 minute fortnightly coaching sessions to support your continued transition when back in your business or home environment.

1-2-1 Multi Session Intensive

A complete programme, similar in content to the two day immersion programme, but spread out to provide support for a longer period of time, allowing for greater reflection in between sessions.

This includes two x full day sessions or (four x half day sessions) and 4 x follow up coaching sessions (up to 90 mins).

Half Day Coaching Intensive (4 hours)

An intensive one-off four hour session with the purpose of stimulating insight around a specific area of concern. The session can be action oriented or self-exploratory and is recommended for those who have been coached in the past or with a prior understanding of the Principles.

Six Session Coaching Package

Six individual 1-2-1 coaching sessions (up to 90 minutes) scheduled over 2 - 6 months.

For a completely immersive professional development experience, Click here for our retreat page.

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